True innovation requires in-depth knowledge of the client and the market, reasonable pace, a creative mind, and flexible, disciplined and purposeful operations. This sounds good, but in reality it can be difficult to constantly follow these principles in your day-to-day business activities. CoreGrow’s Innovation Leader services allow you to continue with your company’s core activities while at the same time laying the foundations needed to reach a new level of business innovation as quickly as possible. Our services include contributions from our experience and know-how, the involvement of essential partners, and searching for sources of funding in order to successfully put innovative ideas into practice.

  • Customer Needs Analysis
  • Developing Product and Service Concepts
  • Applying for International Innovation Funds
  • R&D Commercialization

Customer Needs Analysis

We map the company’s target customers and formulate assumptions concerning their main needs. Thereafter, we check the assumptions through a market analysis. The work is carried out in cycles, with our goal being to achieve thorough results in minimal time. We avoid long written explanations and replacement activities, as the aim is to define the target customers’ needs as practically as possible and to constantly update our views according to the further development activities. As a CoreGrow client, you will find certainty that you are concentrating on solving an important problem in the market through the service’s results. For further options, please also take a look at Market Analysis.

For additional information please contact: Mart Moora, Board Member +372 514 9962

Developing Product and Service Concepts

It is most possible to develop suitable solutions when the client’s needs are known precisely. We help to create product and service concepts, including designing business models and defining strategic objectives for the commercialisation of new innovative solutions.

Business international innovation projects needs to have For additional information please contact: Mart Moora, Board Member +372 514 9962

Applying for International Innovation Funding

We have long-term experience in applying for funds from financing mechanisms such as Horizon 2020, Eureka Eurostars, and Norway Grants, among others. CoreGrow’s team has compiled successful applications worth more than 150 million euros, of which 100 million euros has been directly related to innovative products, services and/or developing technologies. Together with our international network, we are able to find consortium partners, write up project proposals, and, if needed, later manage the project itself. For more information, please take a look at the WINNOVATE Case Study.

For additional information please contact: Mart Moora, Board Member +372 514 9962

R&D Commercialization

Commercialization is often the biggest obstacle for innovative solutions in the development phase: the content of the new product or service might already be worked out, but there are still many hurdles to conquer before successful commercialization. CoreGrow’s R&D Commercialization services map out a functional path to market. As with any other service, CoreGrow’s work is done in cycles, with the timeframe, interim objectives and expected outcomes all being defined. When the agreed time period has passed, the present situation is evaluated and the objectives of the next cycle are adjusted accordingly. As a result, there is minimal time and capital cost between developing ready-for-market solutions and reaching the cost-benefit point.

For additional information please contact: Mart Moora, Board Member +372 514 9962