Mart defended his Thesis on University-Business Cooperation in Research & Development

Mart Moora, our head of Business Development and Commercial R&D, defended his Master’s thesis at the University of Tartu on 3 June. The title of his dissertation was “University-Business Cooperation in Research and Development: an Underused Opportunity for the Estonian Economy“. The aim of his research was to analyse the current situation of university-business cooperation […]

Mart’s findings show that cooperation between Estonian universities and businesses hides significantly greater opportunities than what have currently been realised. Mart thus proposes that the cooperation process should be divided into clear-cut phases (namely, the preliminary, input, in-process, output, and impact phases), and that coordinated efforts should be targeted towards improving the success drivers explicitly in each of the respective phases. This needs to be done by all involved parties: universities, businesses, and the Estonian Government.

For more on what these efforts should involve, the Thesis presentation is available here (in Estonian), and the full English version of the Thesis can be accessed here.

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