CoreGrow’s team successfully launches WINNOVATE project

CoreGrow’s team has successfully launched the WINNOVATE project under the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme, with its main objective being to establish a functioning, sustainable network of relevant players and stakeholders in the Green Growth sector in the Nordic-Baltic region. The aim of the project is to collaboratively target international innovation programmes such as Horizon2020 and EUREKA Eurostars, as well as regional innovation programmes such as EEA grants, using collaborative Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) and Coordination and Support Action (CSA) projects.

The project consists of two stages:

–       Stage 1 (December 2014 – April 2015) is dedicated to mapping the main innovation players in the green tech sector and matching their skills, capacities, plans and expectations with suitable upcoming calls for innovation funds (2015-2016).

–       Stage 2 (May – September 2015) is dedicated to facilitating networking between Green Growth sector players, and planning collaboration on RD&I and CSA project concept development by holding workshops and seminars

Our partners Mart and Siim visited Lund and Helsinki in December. Meetings with project partners from Norway, Denmark and Finland were finalised at the beginning of 2015.







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