Client case studies

CoreGrow Ventures is a subdivision of CoreGrow with its aim to implement various business development projects in cooperation with our partners. Below you can find a selection of business projectswhere we are involved in as (co)founders.

Business Development

Client Profile
CoreGrow’s client is a company involved in the production and sale of luxury goods.

Description of situation
The growth of the three-year-old company had stalled and the originally strong sales had stabilised at a level that was unsatisfactory for the company’s management and its investors. Capital from investors was quickly running out, many small-scale obligations had been incurred, and the company featured regularly on debtor lists published by collection agencies. This in turn caused problems regarding advance payment by customers, and at the same time forced unreasonably high advance payments to subcontractors. The result was a chronic shortage of working capital and longer delivery times, which in turn caused dissatisfaction amongst customers.



Making business decisions demands high quality and up-to-date market information, requires an ability to interpret the information correctly and to fit it into your business activities. We believe that our capabilities of collecting, analysing and interpreting information provides added value to every business field and supports our clients in making successful decisions.



Often something essential and unique has to be created in order to grow. CoreGrow’s innovation services help you to develop and successfully market different solutions.