Allan Met Nobel Prize Winners and Angela Merkel in Germany

Nobel Prize laureates met young scientists from all around the world in Lindau, Southern Germany, from 16 to 23 August. Allan Teder, our head of Financing and Optimization, was chosen from Estonia to take part in this prestigious event. In total, 18 Nobel Prize winners and 480 young researchers attended the 5th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences. Allan applied for the meeting in order to meet three economists who were awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and whose research was very close to Allan’s own field of study.

This was an extraordinary opportunity for Allan to meet the laureates as well as other young researchers from all around the world so as to get a thorough overview of the current state of research from top scientists and to develop contacts for cooperation in the future. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, was also one of the guests whom Allan had the honour of meeting.

The meeting gave Allan more inspiration in his studies knowing that his research is significant in a wider global context.

Allan’s fields of research include financial market behaviour, with a focus on currency markets, as well as investigating the causative link between currency exchange rates and economic fundamentals.

More information about the meeting is available here http://www.mediatheque.lindau-nobel.org/

An interview with Allan on Vikerraadio is available here http://vikerraadio.err.ee/kuularhiiv?saade=64&kid=124(29.08.2014 – 12:15, in Estonian)

Allan with Nobel Prize Laureate Lars Peter Hansen

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